Research Projects

For the purposes of these linked examples, a "research project" is distinguished from a "longer paper" based on the amount of research required, explicity, by the assignment. All of the examples here ask students to significant contextual or comparative research beyond treatment of the primary text involved. In some cases, the purpose of the research is to recreate a richer historical, social, or cultural context for primary texts; in other cases it is focused on secondary criticism; in others, "research" may include doing oral interviews or other kinds of research. In general, all the linked titles here relate to assignments that might be understood as "projects" as distinct from "papers."

RELATED PEDAGOGIES: Longer Papers; Group Work.

Course Syllabi with Research Projects

    Early American Literature: 30,000 B.C. to 1800 Kenneth Roemer (UT Arlington)

    Rise of a Literate Culture in America Jose Aranda (Brown University; Rice University)

    Life and Thought in American Literature John Edgar Tidwell (Miami of Ohio)

    American Literary Traditions (Single term survey) Stephen Fredman (Notre Dame)

    American Civilization III Ed Ingebretsen (Georgetown)

    American Renaissance John Getz (Xavier)

    Early American Literature to 1800 Margaret Whitt (Denver)