Longer Papers

The category of "Longer Papers" includes papers that range from 4-5 pages (the upper end of the short paper range) to full length term papers. There is some overlap with "Research Projects" though usually only because students are given final project options between "Research" style final projects and final essays. A longer "paper" (as opposed to a research project) is a writing assignment that does not include a substantial research component in an integral way. Link locations below usually include topics, and many include instructions to students.

RELATED PEDAGOGIES: Research Projects; Short Papers.

Course Syllabi with Longer Papers

    Rise of a Literate Culture in America Jose Aranda (Brown University; Rice)

    Survey of American Literature I Carolyn Karcher (Temple)

    American Literature: Civil War to 1900 Robert Hogge (Weber State)

    Survey of American Literature from the Beginnings to the American Renaissance AnnLouise Keating (Eastern New Mexico)

    Survey of American Literature Jerome de Romanet (SUNY Geneseo)

    American Literature After 1865 Carol Farley Kessler (Penn St--Delaware County)

Instructor's Guide for Longer Papers

    Virtually every author entry in the IG contains suggestions for paper topics on particular authors.