Midterm and Final Exams

There are many examples of midterm and final examinations throughout Syllabus Builder, covering just about every period and course type represented in the program. All of the locations below include examination questions, in full, as presented to the students. Some of the instructors have also included information and instructions to students. The examinations here include both in-class and take-home type examinations; they range from the most specific types of questions (passage ID's for example) to broad, synthetic essay questions.

RELATED PEDAGOGIES: Reading Quizzes; Short Papers; Longer Papers.

Course Syllabi with Midterm and Final Exams

    Survey of American Literature I Carolyn Karcher (Temple University)

    Survey of American Literature from the Beginnings to the American Renaissance AnnLouise Keating (Eastern New Mexico)

    Life and Thought in American Literature John Edgar Tidwell (Miami of Ohio)

    19th-Century American Literature Winifred Morgan (Edgewood College)

    Introduction to American Literature (Single term survey) Pattie Cowell (Colorado State)

    American Literary Traditions (Single term survey) Stephen Fredman (Notre Dame)

    American Literature: Civil War to 1900 Robert Hogge (Weber State)

    Early American Literature to 1800 Margaret Whitt (Denver)

    American Literature I and II Linda Damon (Niagara County CC)

    American Renaissance Elizabth Keyser (Hollins College)