Discussion Questions

"Discussion Questions" encompass any use of pre-prepared questions addressing the issues of a particular reading or group or readings. Whether referred to as "reading questions," "study questions," "informal worksheets," "discussion questions" are used in course contexts as focussing devices for class discussions and sometimes for reading journals.

RELATED PEDAGOGIES: Reading Journals; In-Class Writing; Reading Quizzes.

Course Syllabi with Discussion Questions

    Survey of American Literature I Martin Bickman (Colorado)

    Survey of American Literature from the Beginnings to the American Renaissance AnnLouise Keating (Eastern New Mexico St U)

    US Literature from Civil War to the Thirties Beverly Clark (Wheaton)

    Life and Thought in American Literature Edgar Tidwell (Miami of Ohio)

    American Civilization I Randall Bass (Georgetown)

    The Diversity of American Literatures: 1860 to the Present Reuben Ellis (Hope College)

    19th-Century American Literature Winifred Morgan (Edgewood College)

    The American Dream, Part I Richard Leveroni (Regents College)

Instructor's Guide for Discussion Questions

    Virtually every author entry in the IG contains suggestions for discussion questions on particular authors.