The Heath Anthology of American Literature

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Table of Contents

Tomorrow the World
by Paul Lauter

Across the Traditionalist-versus-Multiculturalist Divide: Reevaluating The Heath Anthology from an International Perspective
by Robert Bennett

Interview with Randall Bass

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The Alternative to the Modern Library's Top 100
by Paul Lauter

Comprehensive Collections, Contemporary Cultural Approaches: Border Texts and Call & Response
by Peter B. Harris

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Editorial Board

Paul Lauter, Trinity College (General Editor); Richard Yarborough, University of California, Los Amgeles (Associate General Editor); Juan Bruce-Nova, University of California, Irvine; Jackson Bryer, University of Maryland; Elaine Hedges, 1927-1997; Amy Ling, University of Wisconsin, Madison; Wendy Martin,The Claremont Graduate School; Charles Molesworth, Queens College, CUNY; Carla Mulford, Pennsylvania State University; Raymund Paredes, University of California, Los Angeles; Anne G. Jones, University of Florida, Gainesville; Linda Wagner-Martin, University of North Carolins, Chapel Hill; Andrew Wiget, New Mexico State University; Sandra A. Zagarell, Oberlin College


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