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 Critical Thinking
 Critical Thinking
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Bookcover Critical Thinking, Thoughtful Writing:
A Rhetoric with Readings

Second Edition

John Chaffee
Christine McMahon
Barbara Stout


Bookcover Thinking Critically
Seventh Edition

John Chaffee


Activity: Tom Randall's Halloween Party
Test your critical thinking abilities by imagining that you have been selected to serve on a jury

Web Links
Visit these links to review the themes of each chapter
Writing Projects
This web-based version of the Writing Projects supplies additional helpful tips for completing each project
Guide to Publishing Your Work
This guide provides practical advice for students who want to submit their work for publication
100 Words to Know
Increase your vocabulary using these flashcards derived from The American Heritage College Dictionary list of the top 100 words you should know.

Critical thinking and Internet terms, in searchable form
Activity: Tom Randall's Halloween Party
Read about this legal case and decide for yourself
Web Links
Links to sites offering additional information or activities on each topic
Looking Critically
Valuable resources to supplement the book’s critical examinations of Internet activities
Quick Reference Tools
Checklists, lists, and worksheets to help you think through and solve problems.
Additional Chapter Activities
More practice with the critical thinking skills for each chapter.
Selected Author Biographies
Additional information about essay writers whose works are or have been particularly influential.