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Psychology Applied to Teaching, Eleventh Edition
Jack Snowman, Southern Illinois University
Robert Biehler
Suggestions for Teaching in your Classroom

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Most chapters of the eleventh edition of Psychology Applied to Teaching include summaries of research findings and principles relating to a particular topic. These are followed by detailed descriptions of various ways in which the information and concepts might be applied in classrooms. Numerous examples of applications at different grade levels are supplied, and readers are urged to select and record applications that will fit their own particular personality, style, and teaching situation in a Reflective Journal.

The following are suggestions for teaching selected from various chapters. These suggestions are resources for use now and later on in classroom teaching. They represent only a small proportion of extended "Suggestions for Teaching in Your Classroom" in the text itself.

Chapter 1: Applying Psychology To Teaching
Chapter 2: Stage Theories Of Development
Chapter 3: Age-Level Characteristics
Chapter 4: Understanding Student Difference
Chapter 5: Addressing Cultural And Socioeconomic Diversity
Chapter 6: Accommodating Student Variability
Chapter 7: Behavioral Learning Theory: Operant Conditioning
Chapter 8: Information Processing Theory
Chapter 9: Social Cognitive Theory
Chapter 10: Constructivist Learning Theory, Problem Solving, And Transfer
Chapter 11: Approaches To Instruction
Chapter 12: Motivation
Chapter 13: Classroom Management
Chapter 14: Assessment Of Classroom Learning
Chapter 15: Understanding And Using Standardized Tests
Chapter 16: Becoming A Better Teacher By Becoming A Reflective Teacher