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Psychology Applied to Teaching, Eleventh Edition
Jack Snowman, Southern Illinois University
Robert Biehler

These activities will help you understand basic principles of psychology and learning. They correspond to selected chapters of the Psychology Applied to Teaching text.

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Chapter 2: Stage Theories of Development
Developing Morals

Chapter 3: Age-Level Characteristics
Gender Expectations as Motivators
When Conformity Leads to Danger: Teenagers and Drinking Behavior

Chapter 4: Understanding Student Differences
Test Your Intelligence: A Psychometric Approach

Chapter 7: Behavioral and Social Learning Theories
Test Your Knowledge of Positive Reinforcement

Chapter 8: Information-Processing Theory
Seeing Is Believing
Pay Attention!
When Meaning Interferes with Image
Shortcuts and Schemas
Memories Are Made of This
How Do You Process Memory??
A Chunk of Pie

Chapter 10: Constructivist Learning Theory, Problem Solving, and Transfer
Matchsticks and Squares Problem

Chapter 12: Motivation
Learning to Be Helpless
Do You Value Yourself?