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The Construction Zone

Welcome to Seifert's Construction Zone! This part of the Project-Based Learning Site extends work you've started with Constructing a Psychology of Teaching and Learning, and gives you more tools to help you being begin thinking about an approach to teaching that works for you. The Zone brings into focus your own learning and professional development.

How does it do this? First, it describes six projects that develop your knowledge of teaching and learning: extended activities to help you better to understand students' learning, to select teaching strategies, and to foster productive classroom environments. Second, it offers tools for professional learning: ways for initiating your development as a teacher, and for sustaining it on a permanent basis. The projects all share the basic characteristics of project-based learning which are explained elsewhere in this site. In The Construction Zone, however, the projects are intended primarily for your development as a preservice teacher, although they are therefore also useful to college instructors who are responsible for preservice teacher education. A third section of The Construction Zone offers references and useful sources available in print form (that is, as books and articles). Finally, the section called background information and project links to Constructing a Psychology of Teaching and Learning connects projects with information and advice available in the book that accompanies this web site.

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