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Taylor Tutorial and Simulation Software

A flexible, interactive computerized tutorial is available for students to review basic concepts covered in the text. A tutorial for each chapter in the text provides a second opportunity for students to review concepts and models and then to test themselves on what they've learned. A glossary and context-sensitive help are always available. The simulation component of the software includes more than 60 years of data on more than twenty key economic indicators, allowing students to graph and compare various measurement instruments and print out their results.

Download a demo of the software:

This demo (available for the PC only) contains chapters 1-5 of the tutorials and the first 5 simulations. The glossary is also available for previewing. The demo is 2.72 MB and depending on the speed of your Internet connection, may take anywhere from a few seconds to 15-30 minutes to download on a 14.4 or 28.8 modem. If you need assistance downloading or have any questions, please email us.

Step I: Print these instructions

  1. You will need to leave your browser to install the files on your hard drive. Print these instructions now so you will have a reference later.

Step II: Download the demo to a folder on your computer

  1. Switch to your Win95 C: drive or Win3.1 program manager now to create a folder called Download (or choose another folder name). Windows 95 users may already have a C:/Download folder created.
  2. Change back to your browser to view this page. (You do not need to close your browser to create the folder.) Click to download the three parts to the demo now part 1 | part 2 | part 3. (2.72 MB)
  3. You may see a dialog box that asks you what you want to do with each file. Click "Save to disk." Then choose the Download folder you created in Step II(1). Do this three times--once for each file. The files demo1.exe, demo2.exe, and demo3.exe will be copied to your computer.

Step III: Decompress the demo on your computer

  1. Leave your browser and click to the Download folder (or other place to which you saved the files) on your C: drive. The files are compressed to save time downloading. You will need to decompress the files to install them on your hard drive.
  2. Double click on demo1.exe in the Download folder. The files will be expanded in DOS mode. You may see a black screen appear. Click back to the C: drive folder and double click on demo2.exe. The files will expand. Double click on demo3.exe and the files will expand. (Win3.1 users may need to click in and out of the Download folder in order to show the expanded files.)

Step IV: Install (Run Setup.exe)

  1. Go to the C:/Download folder where you decompressed the files in Step III (2). Click on Setup.exe. This will run the installation program.

Step V: Run the program

  1. Click the "Taylor Economics Courseware" dolphin icon to begin. Follow the directions on screen. Chapters 1-5 of the tutorials are available for review. Text descriptions of the simulations are also provided.

If you need assistance downloading or have any questions, please email us.




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