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To the Student

The first thing I tell students in my introductory economics class is how much I love economics. Then I do everything I can to make economics exciting, interesting, and easy to understand. I play rock music to illustrate shifts of a curve, arrange a visitation with Adam Smith to talk about the invisible hand, bring my family to class to illustrate consumer behavior, cut out news articles about economics, even dress up in a crazy raisin outfit to show that economics can be fun and that no question is too crazy to ask.

I hope that by reading my book you will come to love the subject too. The teaching aids in the text -- the many case studies and review boxes, and the boxes which use economics to explain or show how to read and analyze economic news -- are there to make economics come alive. Learning economics is like learning a new language -- there are many new terms, but the new terms will enable you to better understand how the economy affects you. Economics will help you assess the impact of a benefits package in a new job or answer investment questions that you will face in the future. It will enable you to read the business pages in the newspaper, better guess the motivations of a politician, finally understand why pro athletes get paid so much -- or why poverty is still high in many parts of the world.

Modern technology gives us another avenue for bringing textbook material alive. You'll find a wealth of interesting assignments for each chapter of the book on this web site. The on-line assignments will allow you to review key chapter topics while simultaneously exploring economics in the world-at-large--made accessible through Internet technology. You'll also find economic links for each chapter; these might give you some ideas for research projects or assigned essays, or help you dig deeper into a topic you find interesting.

Modern technology also allows a textbook author to be more accessible. You can reach me with your questions or comments about the text through the "Ask Professor Taylor" link on this web site. I will try to respond promptly to your questions and feedback. Questions and answers that might help other students will be posted on the site. I look forward to hearing from you!

John Taylor

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