Economic Resources on the Internet

An exceptional site containing a wealth of materials designed for introductory economics students. These resources include: a glossary of economic terms, an online testing system (mostly macro topics at this time), Extra Credit: A Lesson in Economics an online fantasy adventure story designed to illustrate basic economic concepts, and A Pedestrian's Guide to the Economy (a nontechnical discussion of economic concepts).

The Dismal Scientist
This site contains current and historical statistics for a variety of U.S. economic indicators. Economic forecasts, regional economic data, and discussion of current economic issues also can be found here.

Economic Report of the President, 1998
This document contains information and statistics about the recent state of the economy. The current administration's microeconomic and macroeconomic policy objectives and programs are also discussed in this document.

Economics Challenge
This site provides information about a competition for students in high-school economics courses. Multiple-choice questions from past exams are posted at this site.

Econoventure (by Brendan Beare)
An interesting on-line policy simulation that allows visitors to examine some of the difficult choices that must be made by macroeconomic policymakers. Upon visiting this site, you will be put in charge of establishing macroeconomic policy for the island nation of Herbia.

FACS Journalist's Guide to Economic Terms
A glossary containing brief explanations of more than 200 economic terms.

Financial market information
This page contains links to information about stock, bond, and other financial markets.

Government sites on the web
This page contains a set of links to federal and state government web pages.

Interviews with well-known economists
A collection of online interviews provided by the Minneapolis Federal Reserve Board.

This site appears to be the internet's largest collection of economics related jokes.

Jokes about Economics or Economists
Another good collection of economics related jokes.

Nobel Prize Winners in Economics
A list of Nobel Laureates in Economics and a brief description of the research that resulted in their selection. More information can also be found at the Nobel page.

Not the Final Exam
An interesting history of economics thought trivia game.

Resources for Economists
This is a hypertext version of William Goffe's current guide to economic resources on the internet. This is one of the world's largest collections of economic links (with brief descriptions of each resource).

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