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Principles of Microeconomics, Third Edition
John B. Taylor, Stanford University
Internet Exercises
Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Central IdeaChapter 2: Observing and Explaining the EconomyChapter 3: The Supply and Demand ModelChapter 4: Elasticity and Its UsesChapter 5: The Demand Curve and the Behavior of FirmsChapter 6: The Supply Curve and the Behavior of FirmsChapter 7: The Interaction of People in Markets Chapter 8: Costs and the Changes at Firms Over TimeChapter 9: The Rise and Fall of IndustriesChapter 10: MonopolyChapter 11: Product Differentiation, Monopolistic Competition, and OligopolyChapter 12: Antitrust Policy and RegulationChapter 13: Labor MarketsChapter 14: Taxes, Transfers, and Income DistributionChapter 15: Public Goods, Externalities, and Government BehaviorChapter 16: Physical Capital and Financial MarketsChapter 17: The Gains from International TradeChapter 18: International Trade PolicyChapter 19: Emerging Market Economies