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8 Common ESL Errors—and How to Correct Them
Error #6: Irregular Verb Errors

Regular verbs in English end in –ed in both the past tense and past participle (work/ worked, has worked), while irregular verbs often change form (take/ took, has taken). For non-native speakers, the best way to learn irregular verb forms is to memorize them.

Verb error:
      Lee cutted fabric for the vests.
Lee cut fabric for the vests.
Verb error:
      They all have went to the film festival.
They all have gone to the film festival.

For more instruction and practice on irregular verbs, see Chapter 28, Past Tense, and Chapter 29, The Past Participle, Evergreen, pages 385-406. Note especially the list of irregulars, pages 396-398.

Interactive Irregular Verb Chart: Test Your Skills

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