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Evergreen: A Guide to Writing, Seventh Edition
Susan Fawcett
8 Common ESL Errors—and How to Correct Them

Non-native speakers and writers sometimes find the English language difficult and confusing. The best approach is to practice—to speak and write in English whenever possible. You might join a study group or study with a partner who has excellent English skills. With your instructor's help, learn your personal error patterns—that is, the particular errors that you tend to make over and over; then carefully proofread your papers with these errors in mind. Every chapter in Evergreen will help you improve your English skills. In addition, try these excellent ESL web sites:

Here are eight common ESL problems to watch out for.

Error #1:    Count or Noncount Noun Error
Error #2:    Incorrect or Missing Article
Error #3:    Preposition Error
Error #4:    Repeated Subject
Error #5:    Wrong Verb Tense
Error #6:    Irregular Verb Errors
Error #7:    Wrong Form After a Verb
Error #8:    Wrong Order of Adjectives