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ACE Public Speaking Self-Tests (Generic)
The following set of Public Speaking ACE quizzes are a supplementary set of quizzes that can be used in conjunction with any Public Speaking course or text. Each separate quiz is designed to give the student a general overview of important topics, and each concentrates on one of the basic components taught in all Public Speaking courses.

Speech Preparation Workbook
This workbook offers a variety of forms to help with preparing self-introductory speeches, analyzing the audience, selecting a topic, conducting research, and outlining speeches. To buy a copy of this workbook, please go to our catalog. To download an example now, please click on this title and then on an underlined item in the Table of Contents.

Public Speaking Resources and Links
Tap into some of the Web's most useful communication resources, including topics such as Professional Organizations for Public Speaking and Speech Communication, General Public Speaking Resources, Analyzing and Adapting to Your Audience, Listening, Speech Archives, Presentational Aids, and other helpful topics.

Overcoming Your Fear of Public Speaking
Focusing on speeches as communication tasks rather than performances, this guide offers assistance to any student who suffers from speech anxiety. In addition, the handbook offers advice on speech content and techniques for effective delivery. The introduction and first chapter are offered here. To purchase this text, please go to our catalog to order a copy.

PRCA-24 Assessment: This self-test allows you to see how you feel about communicating with others.
Speaking in Public: This self-test allows you to see how you feel about speaking in public.