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Communication Resource Center for Instructors
Public Speaking Resource Center

ESL Teaching Guide for Public Speaking
This guide was written with speech instructors having little to no ESL teaching background in mind. The two aims of this guide are to foster greater understanding of English as a second language and offer suggestions on how to teach ESL students. A bound handbook originally published in 1997, the entire contents can now be found here. To view the ESL guide now, please click on this title and then on an underlined item of your choice in the Table of Contents. You may also download the guide by clicking on the pdf file at the end of the Table of Contents.

Multicultural Activities for the Public Speaking Classroom
The sample Multicultural Activities exercises shown here are content examples for the Public Speaking classroom. Instructor Notes as well as instruction on how to use this material are at the end of the examples. Please note that full references are not included and page numbers refer to actual text pages and may not be applicable here. To see the workbook in its entirety, please go to our catalog to order a copy or call our Faculty Services Center at (800) 733-1717. To view an example now, please click on this title and then on an underlined item in the Table of Contents.

Online Resources for Communication Instructors
An extensive list of internet resources for both instructors and teaching assistants.

Overcoming Your Fear of Public Speaking
Focusing on speeches as communication tasks rather than performances, this guide offers assistance to any student who suffers from speech anxiety. In addition, the handbook offers advice on speech content and techniques for effective delivery. The introduction and first chapter are offered here. To purchase this text, please go to our catalog to order a copy.

Readings for Enrichment
This comprehensive list of readings provides numerous sources for further investigation of Communication-related subjects.

Speech Preparation Workbook
This workbook offers a variety of forms to help with preparing self-introductory speeches, analyzing the audience, selecting a topic, conducting research, and outlining speeches. To buy a copy of this workbook, please go to our catalog. To download an example now, please click on this title and then on an underlined item in the Table of Contents.

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