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Essential Study Skills, Fifth Edition
Linda Wong
Comprehensive Study Skills Websites to Explore

The following links provide you with extensive resources to learn more about specific study skills topics. Click on the title to go to the website. Click on topics of interest within the website, read the information, then think about ways you can apply this information as you study.

Learning Strategies Database- General Purpose Strategy Menu
Topics: Attention & Listening, Encoding & Retrieval, Cooperative Learning, Memory, Monitoring, Motivation, Notetaking, Organization, Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, Questioning, Reading Comprehension, Test Anxiety, Test Preparation, Time Management, Writing and Proofing, with links for each topic.

Learning Strategies Database-Content-Specific Learning Strategies Menu
Topics: Accounting, Anthropology, Art, Biology, Business, Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics, Education, English, Foreign Languages, General Science, Geography, Geology, History, Interdisciplinary, Math, Music, Philosophy, Physical Education, Physics, Political Science, Psychology, Religion, Sociology, Speech Communication.

Links to a Better Education
Topics: General Tips, Study Skills, Notetaking, Listening, Test Preparation, Taking Tests, Test Writing, Essay Tests, Exam Anxiety, Scientific Method, Problem-Solving, Critical Thinking, Studying Science, Studying Chemistry, Reading Science, Scientific Writing, Laboratory Writing, Mathematics, Motivation, Time Management, Procrastination, Reading, Reading SQ3R, Reading Textbooks, Underlining, Writing, Writing Essays/Papers, Writing Center, Spelling, Plagiarism, Research, Speaking, Interviewing, Assertiveness, Stress, Groups, Homework, Online, Learning Styles, Tutoring, and more!

Favorite Resources
Topics: Study Strategies, Writing, Reading, Math/Science, English, Life Management, Learning Difficulties, and more. Extensive links for handouts and websites related to each of the previous topics are included

Study Guides and Strategies
Topics: Preparing, Learning, Studying, Classroom Participation, Learning with Others, Project Management, Reading Skills, Preparing for Tests, Taking Tests, Writing Basics, Writing Types, and Webtruth, Math, Science and Technology. Under each topic, you will find links to more specific topics.

Learning Center
Topics: General Study Skills, Memory and Test-Taking, Notetaking, Presentations, Reading, Self-Assessment, Stress Management, Time Management, and Writing Lab. Extensive links are available for each topic.

Study Skills Library
Topics: Listening, Memorization, Notetaking, Reading Improvement, Procrastination, Test Preparation, Time Management Assessment-Strategies-Forms, Time Saving Tips, and more.

Handouts from Purdue University
Topics: Time Management, Memory & Stress, Lecture Notetaking, Problem Solving, Reading Speed, Textbook Usage, Test-Taking, all with additional links.

How to Study
Topics: Motivation, Learning Styles, Time Management, Procrastination, Listening, Notetaking, Textbook Reading, Library Research, Concentration, Stress Management, Visual Organization, Memory Improvement, Test Anxiety, How to Study and How to Write for Different Disciplines. Click on topics compiled by Lucy Tribble MacDonald for links to other websites.

Favorite Study Skills Websites
Topics: Life Management, Learning Styles, Personal and Educational Values, Instructor-Student Relations, Maintaining Health, Strengthening Memory and Concentration, Lecture Notetaking, Textbook Study Systems, Subject-Specific Study Techniques, Test Taking, Using the Library, Critical Analysis and Problem Solving, Creative and Visual Thinking, and Mega Study Skills Sites. All topics include links to other websites.

Learning Skills Handouts
Topics: Organizing Notes, Reading, Time and Study Management, Exam Prep and Writing, Writing Assignments, Study Strategies, with links for each topic.

Study Skills Self-Help Information
Topics: Time Scheduling, Acronyms, Study Skills Checklist, Concentration, Study Environment, Notetaking, Reading Essays, Motivation, Priority Setting, Proofreading, Remembering, Skimming, Reading Speed, Writing a Term Paper, Vocabulary, and more.

Studying Strategies
Topics: College Success, Concentration, Common Study Problems, Organizing notes, Effective Notetaking, Notetaking Tips, Note Cards, Checklist for Problem Solving, Time Management, Calendar Planning Sheet, Daily Schedule, and more.

Test-Taking Skills
Topics: Objective Questions, Essays, Staying Calm, Test-Taking Strategies, and more.

College Writing and Study Skills
Topics: Retaining What Your learn, Writing Essay Exams, Key Points of Lectures, Preparing for Exams, Essay Test Panic, Mastering the Writing Process, Partners with the Professor, Grammar and Writing, Acing Algebra, and more.

College Reading Skills Program
Topics: Ways of Reading, Visualizing, Reading With and Against the Grain, marking Your Textbooks, Reflective/Free Writing, SQ3R Method, Four Reading Rates, Mechanics of Reading, Context Clues, Recognizing Signal Words, and more.

Study Skills and Learning
Topics: Success in Mathematics, Use of the Calculator, Practice Math Skills Online, Problem-Solving Tactics, Science, Effective Reading, Guide for Writing Research Papers, Proofreading, Grammar and Style Notes, Public Speaking, Stress Management, Study Guides, Test-Taking, Time Management, Notetaking, and more.

Study Skills Resources
Topics: Time Management, Tips on Reading, Rapid Reading, concept Mapping, Textbook Reading Systems, Cornell Notetaking, Exam Strategies, Five Day Study Plan, Stress Management, Academic Anxiety, and more.

Study Strategies
Topics: Study Skills Survey, Time Audit, Myers-Briggs Indicator, Time Management, Memory Techniques, Mnemonics, Test-Taking Strategies, Developing a Notetaking System, Learning Styles, Metacognition, Time Use Chart, and more.

Self-Help Library
Topics: Stress Reducers, Eating Disorders, Effective Listening, Assertive Communication, Communication, Cultural Differences, Efficient Time Scheduling, Decision-Making, Objective Tests, Essay Questions, Concentration, Studying Foreign Languages, Studying Math and Science, Self-Confidence, Reading Techniques, Mnemonic Devices, Text Anxiety, Spelling Rules, Using Associations, and more.

On-Line Library: Study Skills Quick Notes
Topics: Notetaking, Active Reading, Study Skills, Oral Presentations, Time Management, Exams, and Stress. Click on each topic to move to additional strategies such as Purpose of Notes, Cornell Notes, Text Survey, Chapter Survey, Marking Text, Review and Recite, Learning, Memory, Writing Abstracts, Writing Reviews, Proofreading, Critical Thinking Fallacies, Usage Dictionary, and more.

OWL Handouts: Complete Index by Topic
Topics: General Writing Concerns, Research and Documenting Sources, Punctuation, Capitalization, Spelling, Sentence Construction, Parts of Speech, ESL, Planning/Writing/Revising, Writing Genres, Revising/Editing/Proofreading, Resumes, and more.

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