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Essential Study Skills, Fifth Edition
Linda Wong
Chapter 12: Developing Strategies for Objective Tests


All About Test-Anxiety
Learn about the following topics related to test-anxiety: Causes; Physical Signs; Effects; How to Reduce Test Anxiety; Arranging Your Immediate Environment; Preparing for or Anticipating Test Anxiety; Confronting and Handling Feelings; Reinforcing Self-Statements; Checklist of Self-Verbalizations that Reflect Worries About: performance, bodily reaction, others, and negative consequences. Final tips include goal-setting strategies.

Test Anxiety
Learn valuable techniques for dealing with test anxiety, including being prepared, changing your attitude, and attending to the basics (biological, emotional, and social needs). Learn strategies to use to control anxiety during a test. This site includes links to other self-help brochures.

Reducing Test-Anxiety
Use the links to learn how to use anticipatory planning, positive thinking, and other strategies to reduce anxiety.

Test Anxiety
Click on ABackground Information@ to learn more about text anxiety, its effects, and its causes. You can also take a Stress Vulnerability Questionnaire and a Test Anxiety Questionnaire. This comprehensive site includes additional information about numerous test reducing strategies.

Understanding Test Anxiety
Learn about common causes of test anxiety and eliminators of the causes. This site also includes tips for reducing test anxiety so you can increase your test performance.

Also see Links for Test Anxiety in the Chapter 6 Website Links.

General Test-Taking Strategies

Inventory of Test-Taking Skills
Analyze your approach to taking tests to see if you used effective preparation and test-taking strategies.

Test Strategies
Click on multiple links to learn how to use long-term and short-term preparation strategies, what to do before and during a test, as well as strategies for true-false, multiple-choice and matching questions.

Test-Taking Techniques
Ten basic techniques can help you increase your test-taking performance.

Test-Taking Strategies Before, During, and After Tests
In addition to a valuable list of test-taking strategies, use the links to learn more about meaningful chunks, flashcards, getting the big picture, cognitive questions, mnemonics, analysing your tests, and more.

Tests and Exams
Success comes through PETS: Preparation, Exam Skills, Time, and Self-Confidence. Learn strategies for each step in PETS.

The Art of Taking Tests
This website discusses test anxiety, general test-taking strategies, plus hints for specific kinds of tests: essays, all forms of objective test questions, and open-book tests.

Test Preparation Strategies
Answering nine questions about an upcoming test can help you prepare yourself for any test. Study strategies for test preparation are included.

Exam Preparation
Begin by clicking on the link to "Exam Pre-Test" to assess how prepared you are for an upcoming exam. Then learn about the three stages of exam preparation, guidelines for taking tests, and how to learn from the exam.

See Links for Test-Taking Skills in the Chapter 6 Weblinks.

Objective Tests

Do's and Don'ts for Taking a Standardized Test
Learn how material is organized and strategies to use when you are faced with a  
standardized, objective test.

Guidelines for Taking a Multiple Choice Exam

On this web site, you will find a model for how to correctly read and logically think your way through the answering of various multiple choice questions excerpted from exams in various disciplines.

Multiple Guess Test
Often despite our best efforts to prepare for an exam, some questions may be a  challenge to answer.  Practice educated guessing strategies with these sample questions.

Test Questions - Six Levels of Learning
"Test questions may be designed to evaluate your ability to think at any of six different levels of abstraction."  On this site, you will learn how to study for each level of  abstraction.  Sample questions for each level are included.

Click on the links for Practice Exercises for True-False, Fill-ins, Multiple Choice, Matching and Problem-Solving Questions.

Taking Objective Tests
Learn the objectives of test questions, and questions to use to know in advance if you have mastered the information. This website provides strategies for preparing specifically for objective tests, general test-taking tips, and strategies for answering multiple-choice, true-false, and matching questions. Strategies for analyzing returned tests are included.

Test-Taking Strategies
This website includes general suggestions for all tests. Use the links to learn strategies for objective tests. Links are also included for essay tests and problem-solving tests.

Objective Tests
"Don't be lulled into a false sense of security" when you face an objective test. Learn valuable suggestions for increasing your score and "educated guessing strategies" when all else fails.

Taking Objective Tests
This website includes a description of objective tests, general study strategies, and test-taking strategies for multiple-choice, true-false, short answer, fill-in-the-blank, and matching questions.

Taking Objective Tests
Use these strategies to improve your performance on objective tests. This website also includes strategies for "Test Wise-Ness" (guessing).

Improving Your Objective Test-Taking Skills
Topics include: Cut Out Careless Errors, Three Phases of Objective Test-Taking, You're Not Guessing…You're Thinking Critically, Tips for Multiple-Choice Questions, and True-False Items.

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