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Essential Study Skills, Fifth Edition
Linda Wong
Chapter 7: Reading College Textbooks

SQ4R (and variations of SQ4R)

The Art of Reading Textbooks-SQ4R
Review the steps and the tasks for each step.

A Classic Method for Studying Texts..SQ4R
The Rs in this method are: Read, Respond, Record, and Review. Read about each of the steps in this SQ4R method.

Skimming and Scanning Scientific Material
Learn the value and technique of skimming and scanning (surveying) complex textbooks, such as those you will encounter in the sciences.

The SQ4R Method of Study
This web site also has links to other reading topics, such as constructing meaning from text, meaning and understanding, reading speed, and more.

Learn the purposes of questioning, ways to use questioning, and the advantages of incorporating this practice into your reading and study methods.

Reading to Comprehend and Learn
Learn about a reading technique called PSQ5R. Each step plays a significant role in comprehension and the learning process.

Reading Skills

Reading Comprehension
This comprehensive website includes many topics related to reading and comprehension skills: Metacognitive Behavior for Good and Poor Readers, Fix-Up Strategies, Increasing Reading Rate, Books on Tape, Reading for Content, Nontext Reading Comprehension, Reading Science Material & more.

Concentrating and Reading
Learn how the use of increase your concentration during the reading process and how to get the most from your reading.

Specific Strategies for Different Subjects
This comprehensive website provides specific strategies for reading content in 27 different subject areas. Clink on specific subjects for reading strategies.

How To Study
On this comprehensive website, go to the section that lists more than 25 subject areas. Click on a specific subject area to go to a list of links specifically related to reading (and writing) strategies for that subject.

How Can I Organize My Textbook Reading?
Learn how to unravel the textbook maze by learning what you should do before you begin the reading process and then during the reading process.

How to Read a Text
Learn how to use distributed practice when you read. This site also shows the value of review and retention and the effects of reading without reviewing.

How to Read University Texts or Journal Articles

For reading practice and to learn new textbook reading skills, follow these steps with one of your college textbooks.

Previewing Chapters from Science Texts
Previewing science chapters before reading them enhances comprehension and retention of the material. Learn how to preview effectively, solve physical science problems, use reading guides, and more.

Problem Solving Techniques
Learn techniques for reading problems accurately, analyzing information, and solving problems. Site also includes cause-effect diagrams to use to problem solve.

Reading and Understanding Texts
Learn how to deal with varying levels of complexity and amount of material assigned in your courses. These tips can help you manage your textbook reading assignments more effectively.

Reading Your Textbooks Effectively and Efficiently
Learn about common reading myths, SQ3R, and explore links to other reading topics.

Vary Your Reading Strategies
Learn strategies and objectives for reading textbooks in the areas of social science, humanities, mathematics, and natural sciences.

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