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Essential Study Skills, Fifth Edition
Linda Wong
Chapter 6: Boosting Your Memory and Preparing for Tests


Remembering and Forgetting
Use the beginner, intermediate, or advance buttons to select the level of explanation for information about the process of remembering and forgetting. This site discusses four theories: Decline, Defective-Recall, Motivated Forgetting, and Interference.

Theories of Forgetting
Click through these slides to learn about the variables that affect memory and forgetting. In a concise and easy-to-understand format, learn memory principles that will help you strengthen your memory and reduce the likelihood of forgetting.

Brain Boosters
Learn why exercising your mind and your body boosts not only your memory but helps you think fast.


Improving Memory Tools
This comprehensive web site provides you with memory techniques to help you remember lists of information. You will also learn how to use concept maps and other mnemonics. Multiple links are included on this site.

Mnemonic Devices
This website discusses two keys to mnemonics: repetition and association. Learn how to create mnemonic devices to remember information: rhymes, sentences, acronyms, and grouping.

Using Mnemonics to Learn More Effectively
This site lists important suggestions to use when you create mnemonics. Learn about the use of symbols, size, color, and more to create memorable mnemonics.

Mnemonic Techniques and Specific Memory Tricks
Learn how to use acronyms, acrostics, rhymes and songs, loci, and chunking to recall information. Practice exercises are included.

How to Remember for Exams
Learn to use peg system techniques, a journey technique, and concept maps to prepare for exams.


Test Preparation
This site provides you with valuable test preparation strategies such as using your notes, study guides, and study groups; organizing information; using practice tests; and more.

Encoding and Retrieving
This website provides you with numerous strategies to encode information and later retrieve the information from memory when you need it on tests. Click on the various links for additional topics.

Nine Ways to Aid Your Memory
Use these nine memory strategies when you study and prepare for tests.

Improve Your Studying Skills
Learn how to study properly so the night before exams, all you do is review. This web site includes links to good study habits, preparing for exams, and ten traps of studying.

Locus of Control
Take this Locus of Control Inventory to learn the extent of your internal and external reinforcement beliefs. This survey will give you a general idea of where you stand on the locus of control personality dimension.

Preparing for Tests and Exams
This site includes a variety of test-preparation strategies: obstacles to obtaining top grades, selecting information for the exam, study strategies, preparing for essay s, and reducing test anxiety.

Preparing for Test
These techniques are designed to help you prepare for upcoming math tests. Learn how to get the big picture, review concepts and principles, work with terms, create visual images, and more.

Rehearsing to Learn
Take this short Student Academic Success Inventory to see how well you prepare for tests, then interpret your score.

Tactics for Managing Stress and Anxiety
Learn how anticipatory planning, time management, positive thinking, and other strategies work to reduce your stress and anxiety levels.

Test Taking Skills
Scroll to the test-taking section. Select the test-taking topics you wish to explore: Understanding Test Anxiety, Inventory of Test-Taking Skills, Dos and Don'ts, Test-Taking Skills I & II, and more.


Letting Go of Test Anxiety
Learn effective strategies to use if you freeze during tests. This site provides numerous strategies for dealing with feelings and dealing with thoughts that occur with anxiety.

Test Anxiety
Learn about the causes of test anxiety and the effect anxiety has on performance. Click on the link to learn strategies to reduce test anxiety and stress.

Transforming Anxiety
Learn ways to control anxiety through breathing exercises, lightening thoughts, emotion transformation, time of thinking, and more.

Understanding Text Anxiety
Learn about the causes of test anxiety and test anxiety eliminators. An additional list of tips for reducing test anxiety are included.

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