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Essential Study Skills, Fifth Edition
Linda Wong
Chapter 5: Increasing Concentration, Decreasing Stress and Procrastination


Concentration and Distraction
Learn ways to minimize internal and external distractions through suggestions you can try and explanations why they work.

Concentration and Learning
Learn techniques for avoiding distractions, keeping your mind from wandering, monitoring your concentration, improving concentration while reading, and handling outside interferences.

Concentrating and Reading
This site includes techniques for keeping your mind focused during study periods and getting the most from your reading.

Concentration -Some Basic Guidelines
Your study area, short-range goals, time management skills, and more are all related to concentration.  This site presents basic guidelines for improving your concentration.

Concentration and Your Body
"If you don't take care of your body, you may lose interest in your studies, and fatigue may cause anxiety which can limit performance."  Read about the connection between your body and your concentration plus strategies to maintain a higher level of concentration.

Control of the Environment
These techniques can help you take control of your learning environment and strengthen your ability to concentrate.  This is a companion web site for the link "Study Environment Analysis."

Creating the Right Study Environment
Answer the questions posed on this web site to assess the effectiveness of your study environment.  Links to other sites are also included.

How to Develop Better Concentration While Studying
This web site explores causes of poor concentration followed by suggestions for controlling the causes.

How to Modify Your Study Environment I
Use these ten suggestions for modifying your study environment and enhancing your level of concentration.

Managing Your Time and Study Environment
Learn about the relationship of time management and concentration plus ways to create a conducive study environment that promotes effective use of your time.

Self-Talk, Support Systems
"Self-talk refers to the process of bringing our attitudes to a conscious level."  Learn how to use self-talk effectively to address a variety of situations.

Where to Study
"The right place can vary according to personal preference and mood."  Learn what the requirements are for an effective study environment.

Where to Study/How to Study
This web site provides information on where to study, how to study, improving concentration, and more.  It includes links to other related web sites.


Coping With Stress
Learn how to control your stress by knowing your opponent, recognizing and managing stress, prioritizing, and more.

Handling Emotions
Learn ways to understand and handle your emotions once they surface.  Emotions signal areas we should examine more closely, adjust, or discontinue.

How to Cope with Stress
Suggestions on this web site come from a guide for controlling depression. Numerous links to other subjects are included.

How to Deal with Overstress
This seventeen-page article discusses in-depth ways to manage and treat "overstress." Topics include ten ways to reduce stress overload, pick-me-ups and foods to eliminate, a checklist for handling overstress, three rules to conquer overstress, and more.

Managing Your Stress and Anxiety
"Stress is a combination of physiological and emotional responses to an event."  This site provides a list of symptoms related to stress, techniques for reducing stress, and discussion of factors that affect stress levels.

Stress - Coping With Everyday Problems
Learn how stress is both physical and mental, and how to know if you are suffering from stress.  This site includes tips for reducing or controlling stress.

Stress Management
On this web site you can take a stress test, and learn about common misconceptions people have about stress.  The site includes tips for reducing stress.

Stress Management
This web site answers three questions: How can I eliminate stress from my life? How can I tell what is optimal stress for me?  How can I manage stress better?

Stress and Nutrition
Learn how stress affects eating habits and the types of foods used to increase energy levels when a person experiences stress.

Managing Stress
On this web site you can take a stress test, and learn about common misconceptions people have about stress. The site includes tips for reducing stress.

Visit links to articles on nutrition, exercise, stress management, and more.


Handling Procrastination
This site presents several strategies and exercises to try for dealing effectively with procrastination.  Learn about "turning procrastination around, exploring different levels of feeling, and our sense of time flow."

Following an introduction on procrastination, this web site provides you with five strategies to reduce or eliminate procrastination.

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