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Essential Study Skills, Fifth Edition
Linda Wong
Chapter 4: Setting Goals


Are Your Goals and Values in Line?
Examine your top values and the way they line up with your goals.  A list of various values are included to help you with this self-exploration.

Conventional Time Management
Clarify your life directions and goals by completing the Life Patterning, Role Cycling,
Reviewing Life, and Lifetime Goals in Seven Areas activities.  Also learn about determining priorities, handling projects, and scheduling time.

Creating S.M.A.R.T. Goals
"Attitude Is Everything" according to author Paul J. Meyer.  Learn the five elements of goal setting as represented in the mnemnoic "SMART."

Determining Priorities
"Some people resist determining priorities, but priorities define our lives."  Different exercises can guide you through the process of setting personal objectives and defining steps to reach those objectives.

Different Perspectives of Planning
Learn how the linear view of time affects your options for achieving goals.  An alternative to linear thinking and planning is explained.

Mastering the Deadline Demon
This web site provides you with a guide to exercises and techniques for dealing with deadline pressure.  Topics include balancing breathing, relieving tension, clock watching, and more.

This site provides you with background information on motivation and descriptions of different kinds of motivators.

Motivation and Goal Setting Worksheet
Use this worksheet to identify your long-term, short-term, and immediate goals.  You will also be able to identify and understand six different kinds of goals.

Personal Goal-Setting- Planning to Live Your Life Your Way
Learn techniques for setting goals as a way to personally plan your achievements.

The Magic Lamp
Learn more about Keith Ellis and The Magic Lamp: Goal Setting Guide for People
Who Hate Setting Goals.

Tips for Setting Goals: The Six P's of Goal Setting
Learn the Six P's for writing effective goals.  This site also discusses the use of visualizations.

Top Achievement Articles
This comprehensive web site provides you with links to forty-five web site articles that focus on goal-setting and achievement.  Explore the various articles and learn new techniques for setting all types of goals.

Top Ten Conditions for Creating a Compelling Outcome
"The problem with most goals is that they are usually vague and general."  The ten questions will help you clarify your outcomes and bring realistic results.

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