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Essential Study Skills, Fifth Edition
Linda Wong
Chapter 3: Managing Your Time

Time Management

How to Get the Most Out of Your Time

This comprehensive web site provides you with topis for using time effectively, planning your time, creating more time, controlling distractions, and using other time management tools.

Making Time Management Work for You
Learn the significance of patience, analysis, flexibility, awareness, and more for successfully using time management techniques.

Managing Your Time
Topics include advantages of time management, keys to successful time management, and time management resources.

Managing Your Time Effectively
Look at ways you spend your time, use your priorities, and more.

Personal Time Survey
Take this survey to show the amount of time you spend on various activities.  The survey is followed by time management tips.

Principles for Breaking the Limits of Time
Learn keys to optimal productivity, creativity, and well-being.  Multiple links are embedded in the text.

Time Management Principles
"Time management is a skill few people master, but it is one that most people need." Learn some basic time management principles to manage yourself and your time.

Time Management Audit
Use this time management chart and a weekly schedule to help you plan your time mor effectively.

Time Management Guide
This comprehensive web site provides tips on meeting deadlines, determining goals and priorities, emotions of wasting time, indecisiveness, feeling overwhelmed, procrastination, distractedness, scheduling, and more.

Circadian Rhythms

Circadian Rhythms-The Lark and Owl Test
Take this basic test to determine if you tend to be a lark or an owl.

This website explains chronotypes, your circadian patterns, and their effects on work schedules.

Chronotypes Defined
Learn more about circadian rhythms and chronotypes. This site defines the term and provides examples.

Obey Your Body Clock
This website discusses the impact of different circadian rhythms on daily patterns and lifestyles.

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