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Essential Study Skills, Fifth Edition
Linda Wong
Chapter 2: Processing Information into Your Memory System

Information Processing Model and Memory

Books to Help Develop Memory
This bibliography provides you with a list of memory development/improvement books that you may be able to locate in your library or your favorite bookstore.

Exploring Your Brain
Read the dialogue from a taped program on exploring your brain.  Learn basic principles about the miracle of memory.

Human Memory Encoding, Storage, Retention, and Retrieval
Learn more about different memory systems, practice, elaborative processing, forgetting, retrieval, and more.

Learn How Neurotransmitters Chemically Generate Various Feelings
This web site explains how different neurotransmitters affect happiness, drive, motivation, ability to focus, emotions, alertness and more.

Managing Your Memory
Answer six short questions and then click on the button for each question to see what your response tells you about your memory.

Neurotransmitters are the messengers that travel between one brain cell and another. They are chemical signals that neurons use to talk to each other, which is what makes your brain work.  They help determine how you feel, think, and act. Click on neurotransmitters or any other links to information about the human brain.

Psychology of Memory: Remembering
This informative article provides background information on memory, forgetting, and memory facts.

Principles of Memory: Creating Interest

Creating Interest
The memory principle of interest is directly linked to motivation and success.  Learn seven ways to create interest in subjects for which you do not have a natural interest.

Other Informative Sites

Learning Concepts
This site provides links to topics such as anxiety, attention, attitudes, creativity, feedback, imagery, learning strategies, metacognition, motivation, schemas, and more.

The Theories
This comprehensive site describes more than fifty different learning theories supported by research.

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