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bookcoverEssential Study Skills
Fifth Edition

Linda Wong

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Online Case Studies
Read these new case studies that are available only online. Print or email your answers to your instructor.
ACE Practice Tests
Take these quizzes to see what you've learned. Each chapter has fill-in-the-blank, true/false, and multiple choice, with ten questions each. Get immediate results, then print or email your scores to your instructor.
Follow these collected links to other web sites with related topics.
Practice Exercises
Complete the interactive practice exercises that correspond to the Internet icons located throughout your textbook.
Textbook Case Studies
Write your responses online to the case studies in your textbook. Print or email your answers to your instructor.
Terms to Know
Study the terms in each chapter by writing your own definition and comparing it to the text's definition.
Print out the text glossary for each chapter's Terms to Know.
Reflection Writings
Write your responses online to the Reflection Writing assignments. You have the option of printing your responses or emailing them to your instructor.
Additional Articles
Read these additional articles for more information on the chapter topic.
Chapter Profile
Complete the Chapter Profiles from the text online and receive your scores. Record your scores on your Master Profile Chart in Appendix A.