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E-Learning Companion , First Edition
Ryan Watkins
Michael Corry
Timed Reading

After you read a short passage and click the "finished" button, your reading rate for that passage will be displayed. Next, answer a few comprehension questions about what you read.

We recommend you use the latest Internet Explorer or Netscape browser with the Timed Readings.

Exercise 1:Global English
Exercise 2:Take a Nap Break
Exercise 3:Communication Styles of Men and Women
Exercise 4:Summer X Games
Exercise 5:Cars of the Future
Exercise 6:Leisure
Exercise 7:Okinawans Know the Formula for Longevity
Exercise 8:The Roots of Genealogy
Exercise 9:Compulsive Gambling: An Addiction
Exercise 10:The Body Shop: Businesses Can and Should Protect the Earth
Exercise 11:Kids Helping Kids
Exercise 12:The Stardust's Mysterious Final Message
Exercise 13:The Second "Battle of New Orleans"
Exercise 14:Deeper
Exercise 15:Time
Exercise 16:The Internet
Exercise 17:Anger
Exercise 18:Yoga and Health
Exercise 19:No Homework, No Sports - Just a Night with Family
Exercise 20:Modern Day Meditation
Exercise 21:Synchronicity Equals Creativity
Exercise 22:A Sophisticated Device for Sophisticated Communication
Exercise 23:Pablo Picasso
Exercise 24:The Most Productive Day of the Week