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Leadership – Research Findings, Practice, and Skills, Fourth Edition
Andrew J. DuBrin, Rochester Institute of Technology
Chapter Links

Chapter 1: The Nature and Importance of Leadership
Opening Vignette: Tom Freston of MTV Networks
Leader in Action: Martha Stewart of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia
Leadership Skill-Building Exercise 1-1: Identifying Leadership Roles: Allen Questrom of JC Penney
Leadership Case Problem A: Big Jeff Immelt Faces the Future at GE
Internet Skill-Building Exercise: The New Face of Leadership

Chapter 2: Traits, Motives, and Characteristics of Leaders
Opening Vignette: Pattye Moore of Sonic Drive-In
Leader in Action: Boris Slogar of Ohio Department of Taxation
Leadership Skill-Building Exercise 2-1: A Sense of Humor on the Job: Jeff Bezos of
Leadership Skill-Building Exercise 2-3: Group Feedback of Leadership Traits: Leiwekes of Los Angeles Kings
Leadership Case Problem A: What Leadership Characteristics Does Reuben Mark Possess?
Leadership Case Problem B: The Urban Improvement Guys
Internet Skill-Building Exercise: Measure Your Emotional Intelligence

Chapter 3: Charismatic and Transformational Leadership
Opening Vignette: Andrea Jung of Avon Products
Leader in Action:  John T. Chambers  Cisco System
Leadership Skill-Building Exercise 3-1: Formulating a Vision: Roger Enrico of PepsiCo,Inc.
Leadership Case Problem A: Pat Russo Wants to Rescue Lucent
Leadership Case Problem B: Charismatically Challenged Chad
Internet Skill-Building Exercise: Charisma Tips from the Net

Chapter 4: Leadership, Behaviors, Attitudes, and Styles
Opening Vignette: Sam Walton of Wal-Mart
Leader in Action: Janine BayFord Focuses on Interpersonal Skills
Leadership Skill-Building Exercise 4-3: Entrepreneurial Leadership: Richard Branson of Virgin Group
Leadership Case Problem A: The Confusing 360-Degree Feedback
Leadership Case Problem B: Getting Northstar in the Winning Mode
Internet Skill-Building Exercise: Identifying Leadership Behaviors and Attitudes

Chapter 5: Contingency and Situational Leadership
Opening Vignette: Roger Cary of Zion Illinois
Leader in Action: Lee Erlichman of Cardiac Telecom Corporation
Leadership Skill-Building Exercise 5-1: Applying the Situational Leadership Model: Lois Julber of Colgate-Palmolive
Leadership Case Problem A: Hector Alvarez, the Multifaceted Team Leader
Leadership Case Problem B: Excite@Home Goes Down the Tubes
Internet Skill-Building Exercise: Listen to Experts About Crisis Management

Chapter 6: Leadership Ethics and Social Responsibility
Opening Vignette: Marilyn Malin of Staff Solutions Inc.
Leader in Action: Dialing for Dollars: Laura Scher, CEO of Working Assets, Does Good Work
Leadership Skill-Building Exercise 6-1: AT&T, Bell, and Lucent
Leadership Case Problem A: Fast-Talking Fastow of Enron
Leadership Case Problem B: Bad Credit? No Credit? College Student? Loves You
Internet Skill-Building Exercise: Career Consequences of Unethical Leadership Behavior

Chapter 7: Power, Politics, and Leadership
Opening Vignette: Noel Foregard of Airbus
Leader in Action: Chris Newell of Lotus Institute Builds Support for His Brainchild
Leadership Skill-Building Exercise 7-1: Conducting an Empowerment Session: Microsoft or Corel
Leadership Case Problem A: The Powerful Mr.Trump
Internet Skill-Building Exercise: The Dysfunctional Office and Organizational Politics Scale

Chapter 8: Influence Tactics of Leaders
Opening Vignette: Christina Juhasz of Merrill Lynch
Leader in Action: Scott Sleyster at Prudential Builds Allies
Leadership Skill-Building Exercise 8-1: Identifying Influence Tactics
Leadership Case Problem A: Boeing's Chief Rides the Tiger
Internet Skill-Building Exercise: How Machiavellian Are You?

Chapter 9: Developing Teamwork
Opening Vignette: Gordon Bethune of Continental Airlines
Leader in Action: Marque Inc. CEO Scott Jessup Boost Productivity Through Teamwork
Team in Action: A Technical Group at Microsoft Corporation
Leadership Skill-Building Exercise 9-1: Shelters for the Homeless: Bonnie Stedt of American Express
Leadership Case Problem A: Radius Cooks up Teamwork
Leadership Case Problem B: Showboat Brent
Internet Skill-Building Exercise: Learning More About Outdoor Training

Chapter 10: Motivation and Coaching Skills
Opening Vignette: Andy Pearson of PepsiCo, Inc.
Leader in Action: The Motivational Ken Chenault of AmEx
Leadership Skill-Building Exercise 10-1: Estimating Valences for Applying Expectancy Theory
Leadership Case Problem A: Rewards and Recognition at Tel-Service
Leadership Case Problem B: The Reality Coach
Internet Skill-Building Exercise: Dream Job Coaching

Chapter 11: Creativity, Innovation, and Leadership
Opening Vignette: Bill Daugherty and Jonas Steinman of
Leader in Action: Seth Hall Flies High with Refurbished Airplane Parts; Source One Spares
Leadership Skill-Building Exercise 11-1: Brainstorming
Leadership Case Problem A: Will Innovation Survive at 3M
Leadership Case Problem B: The Food Company Skunk Works
Internet Skill-Building Exercise: Creativity in Business

Chapter 12: Communication and Conflict Resolution Skills
Opening Vignette: Michael Daly of Sterling Glen Communities
Leader in Action: Public Relations CEO Chris Komisarjevsky Listens for Success
Leadership Skill-Building Exercise 12-3: Integrative Bargaining: Blockbuster Video
Leadership Case Problem A: Infighting and Intrigue at Yahoo!
Leadership Case Problem B: Can He Be the Real Bill Gates?
Internet Skill-Building Exercise: What Is Your Influence Quotient?

Chapter 13: Strategic Leadership and Knowledge Management
Opening Vignette: Marissa Mayer of Google
Leader in Action: CEO Michael Catalano Finds a Niche for America Service Group, Inc.(ASG) Behind Bars
Leadership Skill-Building Exercise 13-1: Conducting a SWOT Analysis
Leadership Case Problem A: Samsung Sings a Different Tune
Leadership Case Problem B: The Reluctant Information Sharers
Internet Skill-Building Exercise: Professional Assistance in Implementing Knowledge Management

Chapter 14: International and Culturally Diverse Aspects of Leadership
Opening Vignette: Silicone Graphics, Inc.
Leader in Action: Carrie Tolstedt at Wells Fargo Targets Mexican Americans
Leadership Skill-Building Exercise 14-1:
Leadership Case Problem A: Carol Gutierrez Intends to Make Kellogg Company Specialize Again
Leadership Case Problem B: Ralph Lauren Seeks Harmony
Internet Skill-Building Exercise: Test Yourself for Hidden Bias

Chapter 15: Leadership Development, Succession, and Followership
Opening Vignette: Bayer Corporation
Leader in Action: “Leadership for Growth” Program at DuPont
Leadership Skill-Building Exercise 15-1: Maintaining a Personal Leadership Journal: HRevents™
Leadership Case Problem A: Len Riggio, Barnes & Noble’s Baron of Books
Leadership Case Problem B: “Help! I’m the New Boss.”
Internet Skill-Building Exercise: A Scientific Approach to Succession Planning