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Management Accounting: A Business Planning Approach
Noah P. Barsky, Villanova University
Anthony H. Catanach, Jr., Villanova University

Chapter 1 - Business Strategy and Management Accounting
Business Beacon: Regulatory Watchdogs Protect Investors
Enron (
Rite Aid (
Sunbeam (
Xerox (
Waste Management (
WorldCom (
Main Text:
Delta Airlines (
Ford Motor Company (
Firestone (
Microsoft (
United Air Lines (
U.S. Airways (
Krispy Kreme Donuts (
Southwest Airlines (
Federal Express (
United Parcel Service (
Starbucks Coffee Company (

Chapter 2 - Business Processes in the Twenty-First Century
Business Beacon: Cisco's Virtual Close
Cisco Systems (
Business Beacon: How Federal Express Creates Value for Customers
Federal Express (
Main Text:
International Business Machines (IBM) (
Penley Golf Company (
Frito-Lay (
Northwest Airlines (
The Train Grande Vitesse (
The Gap (
Land's End (
Mayflower Van Lines (
United Parcel Service (
Coca-Cola (

Chapter 3 - Evaluating Financial Performance
Business Beacon: Pro Forma Financial Statement Abuse
JDS Uniphase Corporation (
Main Text:
Dun & Bradstreet (

Chapter 4 - Business Processes and Risks
Business Beacon: Managing Risk to Drive Value
Ernst & Young (
Business Beacon: Managing Customer Satisfaction Risk
Marvin Windows (
Pittsburgh Paint and Glass (PPG) (

Chapter 5 - Planning Profitable Operations
Business Beacon: Hitting a Homerun on the Income Statement
The Saint Paul Saints (

Chapter 6 - Forecasting Tools and Techniques
Business Beacon: Brewery Goes Flat Due to Faulty Sales Forecasting
Catamount Brewery/Harpoon Brewery (
Business Beacon: Costs Mean Jobs!
Louisiana-Pacific Corporation (
Main Text:
Domino's (
Pizza Hut (
Papa John's (
John Deere (

Chapter 7 - Budgeting Fundamentals
Business Beacon: How Do Online Retailers Maintain Such Huge Inventories?
Circuit City (
Alliance Entertainment (

Chapter 8 - Analyzing and Using Budgets
Business Beacon: Variance Analysis at Conoco
Conoco (

Chapter 9 - Performance Evaluation and Decision-Making
Business Beacon: The Balanced Scorecard Hall of Fame
The Balanced Scorecard Collaborative (
Hilton Hotels (
AT&T Canada (
Wendy's (
United Parcel Service (
Fulton County Schools (
Main text:
Saatchi & Saatchi (
Dell (
Gateway (
Apple Computer (

Chapter 10 - Analyzing Costs at the Customer and Process Level
Business Beacon: The Marines are Looking for a Few Good Accounting Tools
USMC Center for Business Excellence (