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Welcome to the second edition of Rumbos!

The RUMBOS program provides robust support to help students 'fill in the gaps' that might be left from their first year of Spanish study, including review activities, indices of first year grammar and vocabulary, and student annotations. At the same time, RUMBOS carefully leads students to higher levels of communicative competence through the combination of functional and contextualized vocabulary presentations, targeted practice of more advanced and often problematic grammatical structures, and process-oriented reading and writing sections with integrated skill-building strategies. Finally, RUMBOS prepares students for advanced language study by involving them in authentic literary readings and academic writing tasks and by weaving in communicative activities geared to oral presentations. The RUMBOS program also provides plentiful instructor support through its transparent and flexible chapter structure, teacher annotations, and ancillary materials. Instructors using RUMBOS will find crafting creative, stimulating, and fun lesson plans effortless.

  • Review & Practice Review & Practice
    Start here to challenge yourself using Grammar Tutorials and Movies, Flashcards, Crosswords, and more!
  • Test Prep Test Prep
    Get ready for the test using these Chapter Quizzes.
  • Multimedia Resources Multimedia Resources
    Access all your media resources here, including Audio, Video, the Heinle Playlist, and Grammar and Pronunciation Podcasts.
  • Exploration Exploration
    Virtually explore the Spanish culture through Web Exploration activities.
  • Instructor Resources Instructor Resources
    Everything you need to prepare for your course!