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Author/Title: Introductory Spanish Date: 9/22/97

Chapter 7
Figure number: 7.1
Text page: 345

Description/Comments: Show typical student housing, cut-away view of three floors with two double rooms on each floor. Typical dormitory details (beds, dressers, clothes lying around, desks, lamps, books, trash cans, phones).

Figure number: 7.2
Text page: 347
Description/Comments: Show an illustration of combination kitchen/family room, American "country style" that is fairly cluttered (not too sleek or upscale): cluttered table, chairs, items on wall shelves and/or china cabinet, notes, art, etc. on refrigerator....

Figure number: 7.3
Text page: 354
Description/Comments: Show a college student dressed casually, fair with brown hair, sitting at a computer terminal, a desk with papers on it, and maybe a soft drink can. On the computer monitor is the home page of a young businesswoman from Buenos Aires. (This could be shown in blow-up; see sketch.) Her picture would show on the monitor (just her head and shoulders, dark short hair, dressed in a blouse and suit jacket, she is smiling).

Figure number: 7.4
Text page: 362
Description/Comments: Show a European male (tourist) standing next to a Jeep, taking pictures of camels, Bedouin tents in the background.

Figure number: 7.5
Text page: 369
Description/Comments: Show a small stone courtyard with a table and two chairs, set up for breakfast (fruit, juice, bread, and coffee). Show some flowerpots and a small banana tree with bananas on it in the background.

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