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Join a community of instructors who are discovering recently published and upcoming solutions in Houghton Mifflin texts, technology, and services.
Click on the links below to access MathPremiere resources for each text.

Liberal Arts Mathematics
Mathematical Excursions book cover Mathematical Excursions
Aufmann | Lockwood | Nation | Clegg

A new liberal arts math text promotes skill building, critical thinking, and exploration.

Hubbard Prealgebra book cover Prealgebra
Hubbard | Robinson

This practical workbook features the active learning approach made popular by Hubbard and Robinson. Offering comprehensive up-front coverage of arithmetic, Prealgebra emphasizes skill improvement and helps students see the connection between arithmetic and algebra.

Intermediate Algebra
Mathematical Excursions book coverExploring Intermediate Algebra: A Graphing Approach
Aufmann | Lockwood | Boswell

Exploring Introductory and Intermediate Algebra: A Graphing Approach
Aufmann | Lockwood | Boswell

This new series takes advantage of graphing calculators to help students develop skills through appropriate use of applications and introduces a four-step problem-solving approach: State the goal; Devise a strategy; Solve a problem; Check the solution.

Introductory and Intermediate Algebra Combined
Elementary and Intermediate Algebra book cover Elementary and Intermediate Algebra: A Practical Approach
Craine | McGowan | Ruben

Concise, manageable coverages for the combined algebra course emphasizes a balance of problem solving, real-world applications, and core mathematical concepts with integration of graphing technology.

Beginning Algebra with Arithmetic Review
Beginning Algebra book coverBeginning Algebra with Arithmetic Review
The Maricopa Mathematics Consortium

A unique hands-on approach to the introduction of algebra helps students learn and understand through discovery.

College Algebra
Applied College Algebra book cover Applied College Algebra
Aufmann | Nation | Clegg

With Applied College Algebra, instructors can use the interactive presentation of concepts and diverse applications to support and motivate students of varying abilities and interests. The authors' supportive style provides students with a solid college algebra course and a comfortable transition to more advanced mathematics.

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