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Lance Armstrong’s It’s Not About The Bike: How He Survives Cancer and Wins Bicycle’s Most Grueling Race
The Effects of Prisons on Prison Guards: A Review of Newjack by Ted Conover
Making the Most of Life on Death Row: A Review of Dead Run: The Shocking Story of Dennis Stockton and Life on Death Row in America
Social Influence at Ground Zero: A Review of American Ground: Unbuilding of the World Trade Center, by William Langewiesche
Life on the Other Side of the Footlights: A Review of Dancing on my Grave by Gelsey Kirkland
Girls and Relational Aggression: A Review of Odd Girl Out
A Lesson in Resilience: A Review of The Pact
Why Do People Want To Be Executioners? A Review of The Last Face You’ll Ever See by Ivan Solotaroff
Psychology’s Role in the Legal Stigmatization of Homosexuals: A Review of Courting Justice by Joyce Murdock and Deb Price
A Child Who Lacks Promise Achieves Industry: Review of Bee Season, a Novel by Myla Goldberg
Waiting for the End to Come: A Review of Dancing at Armageddon
Coping with Breast Cancer--When the Patient Is Also the Physician
Days of Grace
Time Is All We Have: A Month At the Betty Ford Center
Darwin's Ghost—The Origin of The Species Revisited
Diana: In Search of Herself
The Architect of Identity Had an Identity Crisis of His Own
The Angola Prison Rodeo
From Darkness to Life
Not In My Backyard!
Dancing Towards Madness
Schizophrenia in the Family
The Psychology of Making Money
Living Well in the 21st Century—The Challenges of Longevity
Why Do Kids Kill?
Where Does Violence Come From?
Ethics or Extremism?
Where Did Adolescence Come From?
There’s More Than One Way To See