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Psychology Cover Discovering Biological Psychology

Laura A. Freberg - California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo

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Study Resources: Improve Your Grade
Organize your review of chapter concepts with these recommended tools.
Learning Objectives [PDF or HTML]
Textbook Tables [ZIP]
Chapter Outlines [PDF or HTML]
Watch animations, answer review questions, and test your knowledge with interactive figures. You can also check your pronunciation of key terms with the audio glossary.

Tutorials help answer questions such as:
  • How do neurons communicate with each other?
    (See Chapter 3)
  • How do drugs affect the nervous system?
    (See Chapter 4)
  • How do we hear? (See Chapter 7)
  • How do we control our movements? (See Chapter 8)
  • What happens in the brain during a seizure?
    (See Chapter 15)
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Self-Quizzing and Practice Activities: ACE the Test
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