Engler, Personality Theories: An Introduction, 6/e
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Personality Theories: An Introduction, Sixth Edition
Barbara Engler
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Chapter 1: Introduction: Evaluating Personality Theories
Chapter 2: Psychoanalysis
Chapter 3: Analytical Psychology
Chapter 4: Interpsychic Theory
Chapter 5: Psychoanalytic Social Psychology
Chapter 6: Ego Analytic Psychology
Chapter 7: Human Relations
Chapter 8: Experimental Analysis of Behavior
Chapter 9: Social Learning Theories
Chapter 10: Traits and Personology
Chapter 11: Factor Analysis Theories
Chapter 12: Biological Traits
Chapter 13: Humanism
Chapter 14: Existential Psychoanalysis
Chapter 15: Personal Constructs
Chapter 16: Cognitive-Behavioral Theories
Chapter 17: Zen Buddhism