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Chapter 12: Law

American Psychology-Law Society
This is the site of APA Division 41, with links to many psycholegal resources.

Erroneous Eyewitnesses
This is the transcript of a PBS report on erroneous eyewitness testimony. Create your own composite sketch of a suspect based on an eyewitness account and compare it with the real culprit. See an actual lineup from which an innocent man was chosen.

Improving Eyewitness Identification: The Department of Justice Report
This is the full text of Eyewitness Evidence: A Guide for Law Enforcement, a 1999 publication based on psychological research.

The Polygraph Sting
A polygraph examiner describes how he produced "deceptive" readings on innocent suspects and advertises his services in helping people pass polygraph tests.

Employee Polygraph Protection Act
This site presents the text of the federal law governing employers who require employees to take polygraph examinations.

Miscarriages of Justice
This article is a response by psychologists Richard Leo and Richard Ofshe to a criticism of their research concerning false confessions.

Recent False Confessions by Children and Adults
This is a disturbing report about the number of false confessions that sometimes led to wrongful convictions in the state of Illinois.

Criminal Justice
The National Criminal Justice Reference Service has links to most of the government's best resources on crime and the criminal and juvenile justice systems, including research reports by psychologists and criminologists.

Jury Information
The Fully Informed Jury Association maintains this education site about jury duty. It contains information on jury procedures and history of the jury.

Death Penalty and Human Rights
This megasite concerning the death penalty has links to worldwide death penalty information and resources, including legal resources for lawyers and death-row inmates, government web sites dealing with the death penalty, web sites of death-row inmates, writings from condemned prisoners, links to prison death rows, and pro- and anti-death penalty organizations.

Death Penalty Information
This site presents a list of anti-death penalty resources from the American Criminological Association.

Problems with the Death Penalty
Amnesty Information offers information about problems with the death penalty, as well as data about executions, and ways to get involved in abolishing capital punishment.

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