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Social Psychology , Sixth Edition
Sharon S. Brehm - Indiana University
Saul Kassin - Williams College
Steven Fein - Williams College
Chapter Outlines - Business

I. Introduction
A. Industrial/Organizational Psychology: The study of human behavior in business and other organizational settings B. Hawthorne Effect: The finding that workers who were observed increased their productivity regardless of what actual changes were made in the work setting
II. Personnel Selection
A. Traditional Employment Interviews
B. “Scientific” Alternatives to the Traditional Interview
1. Polygraph
2. Standardized tests
a) cognitive abilities
b) integrity tests
3. Structured interviews
a) compared to conventional interviews
b) assessment centers
c) personnel selection as a two-way street
C. Affirmative Action
III. Performance Appraisals
A. Supervisor Ratings
1. Halo effect
2. Contrast effect
3. Restriction of range problem
B. Self-Evaluations
C. New and Improved Methods of Appraisal
D. Due Process Considerations
IV. Leadership
A. The Classic Trait Approach
B. Contingency Models of Leadership
1. Fiedler’s contingency model
a) task-oriented leaders
b) relations-oriented leaders
c) situational control
2. Normative model of leadership
C. Transactional Leadership
D. Transformational Leadership
E. Leadership Among Women and Minorities
V. Motivation
A. Economic Reward Models
1. Types of rewards
2. Expectancy theory
B. Bonuses, Bribes, and Intrinsic Motivation
1. Undermining intrinsic motivation with rewards
2. Controlling versus informational value of rewards
C. Equity Considerations
1. Equity in the workplace
2. Gender differences in perceived equity
VI. Economic Decision Making
A. Social Influences in the Stock Market
B. Commitment, Entrapment, and Escalation
1. Entrapped by initial commitments
2. Escalation effect
3. Sunk-cost principle