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Social Psychology , Sixth Edition
Sharon S. Brehm - Indiana University
Saul Kassin - Williams College
Steven Fein - Williams College
Chapter Outlines - Law

I. Jury Selection - Voir Dire, and Peremptory Challenges
A. Trial Lawyers as Intuitive Psychologists
B. Scientific Jury Selection
C. Death Qualification
II. The Courtroom Drama
A. Confession Evidence
1. Police interrogations: Social influence under pressure
2. The risk of false confessions
a) compliance
b) internalization
3. Confessions and the jury: An attributional dilemma
B. The Lie-Detector Test
C. Eyewitness Testimony
1. Acquisition
a) weapon-focus effect
b) cross-race identification bias
2. Storage
a) misinformation effect
b) children’s memory
3. Retrieval
a) lineup construction
b) lineup instructions
c) lineup format
d) familiarity-induced biases
4. Courtroom testimony
5. The eyewitness expert
D. Nonevidentiary Influences
1. Pretrial publicity
2. Inadmissible testimony
E. The Judge’s Instructions
1. Comprehension
2. Timing
3. Jury nullification
III. Jury Deliberation
A. Leadership in the Jury Room
B. The Dynamics of Deliberation
1. Three stages
a) orientation
b) open conflict
c) reconciliation
2. Majority wins
3. Leniency bias
C. Jury Size: How Small Is Too Small?
D. Less-Than-Unanimous Verdicts
IV. Posttrial: To Prison and Beyond
A. The Sentencing Process
B. The Prison Experience
V. Justice: A Matter of Procedure?
A. Decision Control and Process Control
B. Adversarial Model and Inquisitorial Model
VI. Closing Statement