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Psychology 7e Cover Psychology
Seventh Edition

Douglas A. Bernstein - University of South Florida and University of Southampton
Louis A. Penner - University of South Florida
Alison Clarke-Stewart - University of California, Irvine
Edward J. Roy - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign



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Chapter Review
Useful tools to help you in your lecture planning.
Chapter Outlines
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Behavioral Genetics and Evolutionary Psychology
Sociocultural Variables
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Psych In Film Teaching Tips
Implementing Active Learning
Encouraging Critical Thinking

Resources for Your Students:
Review what we offer your students as study and learning tools to accompany this text. Perhaps you'd like to integrate these tools into your lectures or assign them as a way to better prepare your students for the challenges of learning psychology?
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Course Management & Assessment Tools
Practical advice on running your classroom, whether you're a seasoned instructor or a newcomer.

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CRS - Classroom Response System (CRS) offer you a dynamic way to facilitate interactive learning with your students. A CRS allows you to perform "on-the-spot" assessments, deliver quick quizzes, gauge your students’ understanding of a particular question or concept, and take your class roster easily. Use Houghton Mifflin’s text-specific slides to pose multiple-choice questions to your students and challenge them to answer using their wireless "clickers."
CRS Powerpoint Slides
Use these PowerPoint slides with your Classroom Response System. You can use these questions in combination with those questions that students have not seen to motivate students in studying before class.

Syllabus Guide
Promoting Writing Across the Curriculum
Supplemental Chapter Activities and Handouts