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Textbook Site for:
American Government, Eighth Edition
James Q. Wilson, University of California, Los Angeles
John J. DiIulio, Jr., University of Pennsylvania
Web Links

Chapter 2: The Constitution

To find historical and legal documents:
Fed Law's constitutional and early government documents
Emory University Law School
National Constitution Center
To look at cases about the Constitution:
Yale University Law School

Chapter 3: Federalism

Information on state governments
National Governors' Association
Supreme Court Decisions

Chapter 4: American Political Culture

Click on the links below to visit polling organizations that frequently measure aspects of political culture.
U.S. Census Bureau

Chapter 5: Public Opinion

Los Angles Times
CBS News poll

Chapter 6: Political Participation

The National Mail Voter Registration Form

Voter turnout statistics:
The Vanishing Voter
Information for voters:
Voter Information Services
League of Women Voters
Women's Voting Guide
Democracy Network

Chapter 7: Political Parties

Democratic National Committee
Republic National Committee
Green party
Libertarian party
Reform party

Chapter 8: Elections and Campaigns

Federal Election Committee
Project Vote Smart
Election history
Electoral College
Campaign Finance

Chapter 9: Interest Groups

An index of interest groups
Some specific interest groups:
American Conservative Union
Christian Coalition

American Civil Liberties Union
Americans for Democratic Action

Environmental Defense Fund
National Resources Defense Council

Civil rights:
Center for Equal Opportunity

National Organization for Women

Chapter 10: The Media

Visit the Internet Public Library for links to major newspapers and other news sources.

CNN/Time news
New York Times
Washington D.C. newspapers:
Washington Post
Washington Times

Chapter 11: Congress

House of Representatives
The Library of Congress has two web sites about Congress:
For news about Congress:
Roll Call magazine
C-SPAN programs about congress

Chapter 12: The Presidency

For information about American presidents, visit the following sites:
White House
Interlink cafe

Chapter 13: The Bureaucracy

The White House
Documents and bulletin boards
National Performance Review
Specific web sites of federal agencies:
Department of Defense
Department of Education
Department of Health and Human Services
Department of State

Chapter 14: The Judiciary

Federal Judicial Center
Federal courts
Supreme Court decisions
Visit Findlaw to search court cases and reports.

Chapter 15: The Policy-Making Process

For nonpartisan reviews of public policy issue, visit:

Chapter 16: Economic Policy

Internal Revenue Service
Tax Foundation

Chapter 17: Social Welfare

Visit the following social welfare program web sites:
Social Security
For views on Social Security reform, see:
Social Security Reform
Social Security

Chapter 18: Civil Liberties

Court Cases
Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice
American Civil Liberties Union

Chapter 19: Civil Rights

Court Cases
Department of Justice
Civil rights organizations:
National Organization for the Advancement of Colored People
National Organization of Women
National Gay and Lesbian Task Force
National Council of La Raza
American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee
Anti-Defamation League

Chapter 20: Foreign and Military Policy

Air Force
Central Intelligence Agency
State Department

Chapter 21: Environmental Policy

Environmental Protection Agency
Environmental activists:
Environmental Defense Fund
Natural Resources Defense Council
Sierra Club
Environmental skeptics:
American Enterprise Institute
Competitive Institute
Oregon Institute

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