Calculus Concepts: An Informal Approach to the Mathematics of Change, 1e

Winner of the prestigious Annenburg Award for Innovative Programs Using Technology (INPUT).

The Annenburg and National Science Foundation recognizes the rethinking of collegiate mathematics service courses. Innovative programs using technology feature engaging, cost-effective programs that provide broader access to higher education for traditional and non-traditional students.

NEW! More than 400 new activities and twice as many examples than the preliminary edition have been added. Featuring a greater diversity of applications, including many more life science and social science applications.

NEW! The Concept Inventory appears at the end of each section, just before the activities. Key concepts are listed here.

NEW! Each chapter ends with a Chapter Summary, Chapter Review Test, and Projects. The Chapter Review Tests average 5 real data multi-part questions to use as a review (the answers to all questions are listed in the back of the student text). The Chapter Projects include two projects based on chapter concepts.

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