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Support student learning and save time with these password-protected materials. To request a password, please complete and submit the request form. After your request has been reviewed and authorized, you will receive a response from our Faculty Services team within 48 hours.

Use these documents and activities to introduce yourself to concepts and topics from this chapter. Some content requires software plugins. Visit our Plugin Help Center for help with downloading plugins.

Instructor's Resource Guide

The Instructor's Resource Guide for Calculus, 8e is available online in PDF format. These additional instructor support materials are keyed to the text and include teaching strategies, chapter summaries, chapter tests, final exams, gateway tests, and suggested solutions to special text features. You will need Adobe Acrobat to view the files. These files may be printed and copied for classroom use.

Some resources on this page are in PDF format and require Adobe« Acrobat« Reader. You can download the free reader below!

For further explanation on how to save or view PDF documents, please see:
Downloading and viewing PDF files.

Table of Contents

Part I: Teaching Strategies

Part II: Test and Test Answer Keys

Chapter Tests [Forms A - E]
Chapter P: Preparation for Calculus
Chapter 1: Limits and Their Properties
Chapter 2: Differentiation
Chapter 3: Applications of Differentiation
Chapter 4: Integration.
Chapter 5: Logarithmic, Exponential, and Other Transcendental Functions
Chapter 6: Differential Equations
Chapter 7: Applications of Integration
Chapter 8: Integration Techniques, L?H˘pital?s Rule, and Improper Integrals
Chapter 9: Infinite Series
Chapter 10: Conics, Parametric Equations, and Polar Coordinates
Chapter 11: Vectors and the Geometry of Space
Chapter 12: Vector-Valued Functions
Chapter 13: Functions of Several Variables
Chapter 14: Multiple Integration
Chapter 15: Vector Analysis
Chapter Test Answer Key
Final Exams
Chapters P - 6
Chapters 7 - 10
Chapter 11 - 15
Final Exam Answer Key
Part III: Suggested Solutions for Special Features
Chapter Openers
Technology Boxes
Section Projects

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