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Research Online: A Practical Guide 
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Intro | Web Basics | Searching | Links | Citing Sources | Conclusion

Web Basics
What is the Internet?
What is the World Wide Web?
What is a Web browser?
What are Domain Names and URLs?
What is a Bookmark?
What is Email?
What is a Newsgroup?
What is a Discussion List (or Listserv)
What is "Netiquette?"
What is Search Engine?

Web Basics Quiz #1

Quick Quiz

Choose the single best answer for each of the following ten questions, then check your answers at the bottom of the page.

1. The Internet was originally developed by whom?
computer hackers
the corporate sector
the U.S. Department of Defense
the academic sector
2.   Which of the following descriptions does not apply to the Internet?
a vast network of networks, linking computers to computers
a public, self-sustaining network neither owned nor run by any group or individual
the facility by which electronic mail, Listservs, and the World Wide Web function
a vast catalog of information organized and fact-checked by a governing body
3.   What is the World Wide Web?
a computer game
a software program
the part of the Internet that enables information sharing via interconnected pages
another name for the Internet
4.   In cyberspace, where do people often "lurk"?
in alleyways
on search engines
in online stores
in discussion groups
5.   What is a Web browser?
a person who browses information online
a software program that enables you to access and navigate Web pages
a table of contents for the World Wide Web
a spider hunting its prey
6.   What is a URL?
a computer language
a type of UFO
the address of a document or "page" on the Internet
an acronym for Unlimited Resources for Learning
7.   Which one of the following is a search engine?
8.   What is the purpose of a bookmark on the Web?
to read email messages
to store and quickly access the addresses of favorite Web sites
to mark your place in a book
to create a Web document
9.   "" is an example of what?
domain name
file name
10.   Which of the following can be used as a research tool?
search engine
Web directory
discussion group
all of the above



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