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Research Online: A Practical Guide 
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Intro | Web Basics | Searching | Links | Citing Sources | Conclusion


Conclusion Quiz #3

Choose the single best answer for each of the following ten questions.

1.   Which one of the following is not a top-level domain name?
2.   Which one of the following newsgroup postings displays good netiquette?
"I can't BELIEVE you don't agree that The Simpsons is the best show on television. YOU'RE SUCH AN IDIOT!"
Subject: Random Thoughts about Nothing in Particular
"I disagree that Citizen Kane is the best film ever made. In my opinion, that title goes to Gone with the Wind."
"I know we're supposed to stick to the topic of widgets, but does anyone know of a good place to buy cheap burritos?"
3.   Which one of the following email excerpts, written to an author or expert, is an appropriate one?
"Dr. Jones, I read your article "Music of the Civil War" with great interest. I am a student researching music from this era and have a question about your findings."
"I went to your site on oceanography. It was really cool, but I have tons of questions. Please write back. Ciao!"
"PLEASE help me! I have a paper due and I need to know what the theme of your story is. Also, what's the symbolism of the spotted owl?"
"Dear Proffeser Anderson, I would like to no more about meteores. Please send infomation to me imedietly."
4.   Which of the following is an example of a simple Boolean search?
"winter olympics"
winter olympics
winter, olympics
winter AND olympics
5.   Which of the following is an example of phrase searching?
summer AND solstice
"summer solstice"
summer solstice
summer + solstice
6.   Critically evaluating content on the Web is important because
Web authors are always less professional
Web authors are always biased
some Web documents do not go through standard fact-checking and editorial processes
printed information is always more accurate than information found on the Web
7.   Which of the following is not considered a meaningful criteria for evaluating a Web site?
8.   You should cite World Wide Web sources because
it is the honest thing to do
it is the ethical thing to do
Web materials are protected by copyright law
all of the above
9.   Which of the following Web-document citations is composed according to The Columbia Guide to Online Style?
"Fundamentals of Guitar," by Jane Doe., Guitar Virtuoso, 1998.
Doe, Jane. "Fundamentals of Guitar." Guitar Virtuoso. 1998. (2 Feb. 1999).
Doe, Jane. Fundamentals of Guitar. Guitar Virtuoso, 1998.
"" Guitar Virtuoso. "The Fundamentals of Guitar." 1998. (2 Feb. 1999).
10.   A good way to keep track of Web resources for future citation is
keep them in your head
print the home page from each site
jot down the URLs
fill out a Record of Print and Online Sources for each source



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