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Western Civilization Resource Center

Interactive Map Exercises

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The Interactive Map Exercises are a set of thirty maps covering the history of Western Civilization. Each exercise will ask a series of questions related to the map. Once you have determined your answer (a place or label on the map or in the key), click on it. Each exercise will fall into one of four categories of interaction: Answer-Question, Quest, Timeline, and Transparency.

Answer-Question Model -- This model provides you with the answer to a question. You determine the subject of the question.

Quest Model -- In the Quest model, you will be asked to imagine yourself as a figure from the past. As that person, you visit places and attend historical events. You will be able to follow your itinerary on the map with the colored lines that trace your steps.

Timeline Model -- The timeline model asks you to think about change over time. Each timeline map consists of several sequential maps. Questions relating to different periods appear at the bottom of your screen. To answer them, you will need to move the timeline with the mouse, in order to observe how the map changes over time. To move directly to a specific year, click on the date located above the timeline.

Transparency Model -- There are two or three layers for each transparency map. You can make the map as simple or as complicated as you like by clicking on the layer buttons located in the layer control box. With one button, you will be given one layer of information; with two, you will be given two layers of information, so your map will be fuller and more complicated. You will have to figure out which layer button to click in order to answer the factual questions at the bottom of the screen. Interactive Map Interface:

Each map exercise will appear within the same interface. The navigation controls are located along the bottom of the screen.

Introduction: (Not available in online preview) Upon entering a new map it is recommended that you select the Intro button to view the introduction to that particular map exercise. It will provide you with helpful background information concerning the topic of the map, as well as provide the specific directions needed to complete the exercise. When you are finished reading the introduction, press the Close button to return to the map. You may select and copy any of the text to be pasted into a word processor program.

Essay Questions: (Not available in online preview) Pressing this button will pop-up the Interpretive Essay Question about the current map exercise. You will be asked a question concerning the map subject for which you will need to interpret the map with the help of your textbook to complete the question. Pressing the Responses button will provide you with an example response to the essay question. Pressing Close will return you to the map. You may select and copy any of the text to paste into an external word processing application.

Main Menu: (Not available in online preview) Press this button to return to the Main Menu screen.

Previous will display the previous question. You may press the button several times to return to any question.

Next will advance the factual questions.

Reset will cause the counter to reset to zero and will restart the factual questions with number one.

Answer will display the correct answer to the current question. The counter index will not indicate a correct response.

Presentation Maps

(Presentation Maps are not available in this online preview.)

GeoQuest contains a set of thirty presentation maps covering various historical topics of Western Civilization. As opposed to the Interactive Map Exercises, the Presentation Maps are simply movies that allow you to observe changes occurring during the chosen time period.

Main Menu: Pressing this button stops the movie and returns you to the Main Menu screen.

Play/Pause: Pressing this button will play the movie if stopped or pause it if it is playing.

Forward: Pressing and holding down this button will fast forward the current movie.

Rewind: Pressing and holding down this button will rewind the current movie.

Exit: Pressing this button will cause GeoQuest to quit. Do not use this button to stop the current Presentation Map unless you wish to quit the entire program. Use the Main Menu button if you wish to leave the current map and return to the Main Menu.