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Western Civilization: The Continuing Experiment, Second Edition
Thomas F. X. Noble, Barry S. Strauss, Duane J. Osheim, Kristen B. Neuschel, William B. Cohen, David D. Roberts

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Chapter 1: The Ancestors of the West

Chapter 2: The Book and the Myths: Western Asia and Early Greece

Chapter 3: The Age of the Polis: Greece, ca. 750-350 B.C.

Chapter 4: The Hellenistic World, 323-30 B.C.

Chapter 5: Rome: From Republic to Empire, ca. 509-44 B.C.

Chapter 6: Imperial Rome, 27 B.C.-A.D. 284

Chapter 7: The World of Late Antiquity, ca. 300-600

Chapter 8: Early Medieval Civilizations, ca. 600-900

Chapter 9: The Expansion of Europe, ca. 900-1150

Chapter 10: Medieval Civilization at Its Height, ca. 1150-1300

Chapter 11: The Transformation of Medieval Civilization, 1300-1500

Chapter 12: The Renaissance

Chapter 13: Europe, the Old World, and the New

Chapter 14: The Age of the Reformation

Chapter 15: Europe in the Age of Religious War, 1555-1648

Chapter 16: Europe in the Age of Louis XIV, ca. 1610-1715

Chapter 17: A Revolution in World-View

Chapter 18: Europe on the Threshold of Modernity, ca. 1715-1789

Chapter 19: Revolutionary Europe, 1789-1815

Chapter 20: Restoration, Reform, and Revolution, 1814-1848

Chapter 21: The Industrial Transformation of Europe

Chapter 22: New Powers and Tensions, 1850-1880

Chapter 23: The Age of Optimism, 1850-1880

Chapter 24: Escalating Tensions, 1880-1914

Chapter 25: War and Revolution, 1914-1919

Chapter 26: The Illusion of Stability, 1919-1930

Chapter 27: The Tortured Decade, 1930-1939

Chapter 28: The Era of the Second World War, 1939-1949

Chapter 29: An Anxious Stability: The Age of the Cold War, 1949-1985

Chapter 30: The West and the World in the Late Twentieth Century