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A People and a Nation: A History of the United States, Sixth Edition
Mary Beth Norton, Cornell University
David M. Katzman, University of Kansas
et al.
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Chapter 1 Columbus Day
Chapter 2 The Foxwoods Casino and the Mashantucket Pequot Museum
Chapter 3 "Witch Hunts"
Chapter 4 Anti-Immigrant Sentiments
Chapter 5 The Census and Reapportionment
Chapter 6 The Black Patriots' Memorial
Chapter 7 Women's Education
Chapter 8 Dissent During Wartime
Chapter 9 The Peaceful Transfer of Power
Chapter 10 A Mixed Economy
Chapter 11 The Bible Belt
Chapter 12 White Fascination with and Appropriation of Black Culture
Chapter 13 The Black Family
Chapter 14 Revolutionary Violence
Chapter 15 The Confederate Battle Flag
Chapter 16 The Fourteenth Ammendment
Chapter 17 The West and Rugged Individualism
Chapter 18 Rockefeller and Standard Oil
Chapter 19 Ethnic Food
Chapter 20 Politics and Popular Culture
Chapter 21 Women and Social Work
Chapter 22 The Status of Puerto Rico
Chapter 23 Remembering War at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
Chapter 24 Intercollegiate Athletics
Chapter 25 Social Security for Retired Americans
Chapter 26 Presidential Deception of the Public
Chapter 27 Atomic Waste
Chapter 28 The Eradication of Polio
Chapter 29 The National Security State
Chapter 30 Watergate and Political Reforms
Chapter 31 The Peace Corps
Chapter 32 Ethnic America
Chapter 33 The Internet