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ACE Practice Tests
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A People and a Nation: A History of the United States, Sixth Edition
Mary Beth Norton, Cornell University
David M. Katzman, University of Kansas
et al.
ACE Practice Tests

Chapter 1:Three Old Worlds Create a New, 1492-1600
Chapter 2:Europeans Colonize North America, 1600-1640
Chapter 3:American Societies Take Shape, 1640-1720
Chapter 4:A World Transformed, 1720-1770
Chapter 5:Severing the Bonds of Empire, 1754-1774
Chapter 6:A Revolution, Indeed, 1774-1783
Chapter 7:Forging a National Republic, 1776-1789
Chapter 8:The Early Republic: Conflicts at Home and Abroad, 1789-1800
Chapter 9:"A Wise and Frugal Government": The Democratic-Republicans in Power, 1801-1815
Chapter 10:Nationalism, Expansion, and the Market Economy, 1816-1845
Chapter 11: Reform and Politics in the Age of Jackson, 1824-1845
Chapter 12:People and Communities in the North and West, 1830-1860
Chapter 13:People and Communities in a Slave Society: The South, 1830-1860
Chapter 14:Slavery and America's Future: The Road to War, 1845-1861
Chapter 15:Transforming Fire: The Civil War, 1861-1865
Chapter 16:Reconstruction: An Unfinished Revolution, 1865-1877
Chapter 17:The Development of the West, 1877-1900
Chapter 18:The Machine Age, 1877-1920
Chapter 19:The Vitality and Turmoil of Urban Life, 1877-1920
Chapter 20:Gilded Age Politics, 1877-1900
Chapter 21:The Progressive Era, 1895-1920
Chapter 22:The Quest for Empire, 1865-1914
Chapter 23:Americans in the Great War, 1914-1920
Chapter 24:The New Era of the 1920s
Chapter 25:The Great Depression and the New Deal, 1929-1941
Chapter 26:Peaceseekers and Warmakers: Americans in the World, 1920-1941
Chapter 27:The Second World War at Home and Abroad, 1941-1945
Chapter 28:Postwar America: Cold War Politics, Civil Rights, and the Baby Boom, 1945-1961
Chapter 29:The Cold War and American Globalism, 1945-1961
Chapter 30:Reform and Conflict at Home: A Turbulent Era, 1961-1974
Chapter 31:Disaster and Détente: The Cold War, Vietnam, and the Third World, 1961-1989
Chapter 32:The End of the Postwar Boom, 1974-1989
Chapter 33:Prosperity, Power and Peril: America in the 1990s