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The Brief American Pageant , Sixth Edition
David M. Kennedy, Stanford University
Lizabeth Cohen, Harvard University
Thomas A. Bailey
Mel Piehl, Valparaiso University
Suggested Lecture Topics
Chapter 25
Developing The Chapter: Suggested Lecture Or Discussion Topics

  • Explain the strong connection among the new forces of industrialization, urbanization, and immigration. Show how each one tended to reinforce the others, creating a significantly new kind of urban environment.

    REFERENCE: Eric Monkkonen, America Becomes Urban (1988).

  • Describe the experience of the New Immigrants and explain why they were often regarded with suspicion or hostility. The emphasis might be on the factors that made them different from most earlier immigrants-particularly their "strange" cultures, religions, poverty, and the fact that they crowded into urban slums.

    REFERENCE: John Bodnar, The Transplanted: A History of Immigrants in Urban America (1985).

  • Relate the cultural conflicts over religion and values to the new social and cultural environment of the city. Show how urban life tended to undermine traditional standards of belief and behavior (for example, about drinking or divorce) while creating new institutions and values, including popular culture.

    REFERENCE: Gunther Barth, City People: The Rise of Modern City Culture in Nineteenth-Century America (1980).

  • Consider the complicated effects of urbanization on women's roles and family-new opportunities arose but they imposed new strains on marriage and child-rearing.

    REFERENCES: Elaine May, Great Expectations: Marriage and Divorce in Post-Victorian America (1983); Steven Mintz, A Prison of Expectations: The Family in Victorian Culture (1985).