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Textbook Site for:
The Brief American Pageant , Sixth Edition
David M. Kennedy, Stanford University
Lizabeth Cohen, Harvard University
Thomas A. Bailey
Mel Piehl, Valparaiso University
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The History Companion comprises three parts: Instructor Companion, Student Research Companion, and Student Study Companion.

The Instructor Companion is available on both a CD-ROM and the Web with hundreds of images and maps plus audio and video for classroom presentation. On the CD-ROM, the maps and images are already in PowerPoint format to make it easy for you to use them to illustrate your lectures. On the Web, they are in Flash to enable scrolling and zooming for better presentation. They are organized by your textbook chapter or by chronological period and other categories to make finding the right map or image easy and intuitive. The Instructor Companion also contains other resources to help in class preparation and evaluation. More information on all these resources can be found below.

The Student Research Companion is a web application that provides interactive maps and primary sources that you can assign to your students or that they can use for research. Use the interactive maps to sharpen your students' geography skills and the primary sources to introduce them to historical evidence. The maps and most of the primary sources have questions that students can answer and they can send their answers directly to you.

The Student Study Companion contains a variety of tutorial resources including self-tests (ACE questions) with feedback, chronological exercises, flashcards to test vocabulary, and additional interactive exercises. This versatile, interactive study tool satisfies varying learning styles and will improve your students' chances of success.

The Student Study Companion for The Brief American Pageant, Sixth Edition, is accessible from the student's textbook site, while the Student Research Companion can be accessed from either the student's textbook site or the instructor's textbook site. The rest of this document describes the components available in the Instructor Companion.


The Instructor Companion

This Instructor Companion web site, designed specifically for users of The Brief American Pageant, Sixth Edition, offers the following resources:

  • The interactive Instructor Companion presentation program with approximately 520 images, 200 maps, and dozens of audio and video assets organized by book chapter, and searchable by period, date, topic, or asset type.
  • A collection of PowerPoint slides, also organized by chapters, containing the same images, maps and media as the Instructor Companion presentation program. These slides can be incorporated into custom PowerPoint presentations.
  • An Instructor's Resource Manual to help instructors prepare lectures.

The CD-ROM version of the Instructor Companion also contains HM Testing, a software tool that provides the instructor with an effective method for the creation, administration, and grading of exams. Additionally, the CD-ROM version of the Instructor Companion presentation program can be run in full-screen mode and may offer longer and higher-quality video clips.


The Instructor Companion presentation program

The Instructor Companion presentation program displays approximately 520 images, 200 maps, and several dozen audio and video assets, organized by book chapter. It allows users to search specific assets by selecting their period, date, topic, or asset type. The application's welcome screen contains information on how to get started in its use, and additional information, such as how to zoom in on maps and print resources. To exit the application, simply close the browser window it is running in.

To launch the Instructor Companion presentation program, CLICK HERE.


PowerPoint slides

The PowerPoint Slides page contains Microsoft® PowerPoint® slides with all the same images, maps, and additional media assets as the Instructor Companion presentation program, also organized by the chapters in the book. On most computer systems, these slides can be used to prepare custom presentations. Microsoft PowerPoint needs to be installed on the computer in order to open and work with the files.

To go to the page with the PowerPoint slides, CLICK HERE.